Client Testimonials

“Mari, I can’t begin to thank you for what you did to me.  You and you alone turned my little exercise world upside down by introducing me to Reformer Pilates.  Can you remember the slouch back I had?  No more…My upper body strength went up notches….My tummy, though still a little pouchy, has hard muscle behind it, supporting my posture.  I’m 65 years old and feel 45.  You watched my positions on the reformer to be sure I wouldn’t in any way endanger the hip replacement I have.  When my knee acted up, you knew just what I needed to do to strengthen the muscle to support the knee.  And remember the time with the “Plank”?  You helped me overcome fear and I just forged ahead.  You are so inspiring, so well trained, you made me feel I could do anything.  I have such trust in you.”

Janis Martinelli


“Mari has been instrumental in helping me strengthen my core muscles in a manner I never thought possible.  Her reformer pilates training gave me the baseline and strength to compete in my first Triathlon this year.  Until I worked with Mari I was unable to do push ups.  I now have the upper body strength to do push ups.  Mari’s patience, consistency and continued focus on proper form and technique has been invaluable to me.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their balance, flexibility, core strength and overall fitness.”

Teri Benart-Abrahamzon


“Mere words cannot describe the full benefits of taking Pilates reformer classes with Mari Collins.  I have been taking Pilates reformer classes with Mari since 2007.  The classes have allowed me to build core strength, increased my flexibility, as well as noticeable toning of my arms, abs and legs.  I started seeing and feeling the benefits and positive changes to my body after one month of starting her classes.  Mari’s classes are motivating, challenging, and fun.   During the past year, I had suffered injuries to my neck, shoulder, and back.  The Pilates reformer classes worked in conjunction with my physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that I had injured.  Mari is professional, and is an extremely knowledgeable skilled Pilates instructor.   I highly recommend Mari as your Pilates reformer trainer.”

Carol Rosa